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Residential and Commercial Alarm Systems

Protecting the people and possessions you cherish is easy with a home alarm system from Astro Guard Alarms. We pride ourselves on being able to provide you with the highest-quality alarm systems to protect your home or your business.

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About Our Alarms

We can also include in your security package*:

Remote arming and disarming from anywhere in the world

Up-to-the-minute notifications

Remote access cameras

Two-way voice communication with the monitoring station

Home automation (including lights, locks and thermostats)

Motion detectors (pet friendly, ensuring detectors do not pick up anything under 40 pounds)

Monitored heat and smoke detectors

*for an added fee

Types of Alarms

We offer a variety of burglar alarms around Vancouver:

Wired alarms:

Consists of a centrally located panel, where all devices wire back to that “home” panel. This type of alarm is used when sensors require the power to operate correctly (e.g. smoke detectors).

Wireless alarms:

These alarms often use battery-powered transmitters (approximate 5-year life-span), which tend to be easier to install and offer protection against cable cutting.

Hybrid systems:

This is a combination of both wired and wireless alarm systems. It is perfect for big properties as it has a wider area coverage.

We also offer monitored and unmonitored systems, depending on what you are looking for. Monitored systems ensure that police will be contacted if there is a security breach.

Home Security Services

Astro Guard Alarms offers prompt and professional security services. When the security of your house is at stake, we don’t leave it to automated responses. We have over 30 years of experience in alarms, monitoring, and emergency services. Our surveillance systems in Coquitlam will help you monitor any suspicious activity in or around your home. We can also provide the following Canadian and Italian-made security devices for your property:


Door and window contacts

Motion detectors

Internal sirens

Lawn signs and stickers

Multi-zone panels (Allow you to operate, monitor and report on multiple zones within your network)

Small Business Security Services

Keep your team safe with CCTV. This technology helps you keep an eye on what’s happening in the most important locations to protect your business’ employees and assets. 

In addition to the same features offered for home security services, we also provide monthly opening and closing reports. So, you’ll have your finger on the pulse of your business’ safety even when you’re away.

Interactive Security Services

Be completely involved in monitoring your security with CCTV in your Vancouver home or business. CCTV cameras transmit the signal from all the video cameras in your home or business to a specified location so you can see what’s going on in every area, including areas you don’t normally enter.

Secure Your Property Today

We offer prompt service performed by friendly and experienced technicians. For the highest quality security cameras in Vancouver, as well as any other security need, contact us.

Quality Home Security Systems

Ensure your home and family are safe with our home security solutions.

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