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Security and Friendship Come Full Circle

Astroguard first opened its doors in 1984 by Rob Gilbertson, it became his family owned and run business and one of his great loves, second of course to his wife Bianca. 


Because this was more than just a business to Rob, he was very particular about the people he hired to represent his company and to be a part of his family. Fast forward to the mid 80’s, sometime around 1987, Rob hired newcomer to the security industry, Steve Todd. Steve came from the steel industry, and after a bad motorcycle accident he was unable to work in that environment anymore and decided that he could work in sales and utilize his love of electronics. Steve worked his way from sales up to sales manager and built a lifelong friendship with Rob. 


Steve ended up moving on to work with a few other security companies before starting his own family owned and run company, Stealth Security Inc, in 2002. During this time, the working friendship with Rob remained and the two kept contact and often bounced ideas off of each other or sent business to each other. 


In 2019 Rob reached out to Steve to let him know that he was starting to think about retirement and was starting to consider the life of his company, Rob told him that he wanted him to take over the company. 


Here we are today, 30 something years later and Steve is now the owner of the company that first gave him that chance way back when. What began as a gamble on a new sales guy for Rob and a new adventure for Steve became a true friendship and a genuine respect for one another, one that would really come full circle, one that would see Astroguard Alarms being a part of the Stealth Group of Companies. 

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