Protect Your Home with Security Cameras in Vancouver

Video surveillance systems add an additional layer of protection to any home or business security system. These systems allow you to monitor different areas around your property using video cameras, helping you stay informed about any suspicious behaviour or potential intruders near your premises.

What Is CCTV?

Our technicians can equip your home or business with CCTV in Vancouver. Closed-circuit television (or CCTV) is a technology that allows you to view signals from multiple cameras in a central location. “closed circuit” means these do not transmit outside of your home or business’s security system, so all of the footage stays private. You can store this footage on a digital video recording device (DVR) so you can review it later.

CCTV Helps Keep Your Home or Business Safe

Home and business owners have used footage from CCTV systems to solve break-ins and burglaries. This helps keep criminals off of the streets and out of people’s homes. The presence of CCTV cameras also deters crime; when a criminal sees a video surveillance camera, they are less likely to act.

Other Benefits of CCTV Surveillance Systems

CCTV is a reliable form of video surveillance. All the connections in a CCTV system work independently of an internet connection. This means you don’t have to worry about losing footage during an internet outage, as all of the footage is transmitted using secure connections.

Take action to protect your home or business today. Call 604-941-2833 to request a free quote on CCTV cameras in Vancouver. Our technicians will work with you to create the right security plan for your needs and budget. You can also visit our contact page if you have any additional questions about CCTV or other security services.

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