Top 11 Reasons to Invest in Home Security Automation

Advances in home security have recently entered the realms of science fiction with a technology called home security automation. Home security automation is a system that allows you to remotely control various parts of your home from a smartphone or tablet. You can set your home’s alarm system, lock and unlock your doors, turn lights on and off, monitor your security cameras, and set your thermostat—all from the palm of your hand.

Home security automation improves your home’s security, and can save you time and money. Here is a list of the top 11 reasons you should consider installing a home security automation system:

1. You Know When Someone Tries to Enter Your Home
Home security automation system sends an alert to your smartphone when someone tries to break into your home. You can use these notifications as a silent alarm and alert the police without the intruder knowing. These alerts give you peace of mind that your home is protected while you are away.

2. You Know Where an Intruder Tries to Enter Your Home
Home security automation lets you keep track of which doors or windows intruders attempt to enter. Knowing where intruders attempt to enter lets you know which areas of your home may need increased security.

3. You Can Set Your Home’s Alarm Remotely
If you forget to set your alarm before heading out, home security automation allows you to set it from your smartphone. You can also check the status of your alarm and know when someone deactivates it.

If you have children, you can leave them with a sitter and set the alarm once you’ve left home. This allows you to protect your children at home without having to give out your alarm code.

4. You Can See First-Hand What Is Happening at Home
If you have home security cameras, home automation allows you to monitor their feeds via your smartphone. This capability allows you to see who is trying to enter your home, helping you decide whether they are a guest or an intruder.

If you leave pets at home, you can also monitor your security camera feeds to make sure they are okay.

5. Let People Into Your Home Remotely
Home automation lets you lock and unlock your home remotely from your smartphone. This freedom allows you to let people in without giving them a key. For example, if you go out of town you could let your house-sitter in once a day with the push of a button.

Another example of how this feature could come in handy is when one of your family members comes home late at night. You can just have them call you and you can unlock the door without having to get out of bed.

6. Know When Someone Leaves Your Home
When someone unlocks a door in your home, your smartphone can send you an alert. If you have children, this feature can alert you when they leave the house.

7. Unlock Your Home without Fumbling for Your Key
Home automation lets you unlock your home with a single tap on your smartphone. This prevents you from having to search for the right key to unlock your door.

8. Remotely Turn Lights Off to Save Energy
Home security automation lets you remotely manage which lights are on in your home. This allows you turn off any lights you accidentally leave on, which can help you save on your energy bill.

9. Remotely Turn Your Lights On to Ward off Intruders
If you receive a notification that an intruder is trying to enter your home, you can remotely turn the lights on and let them know you are aware of them. This feature adds an extra layer of security to your property.

10. Have the Lights Come on When You Get Home
With home automation, you can turn on your lights with your smartphone before you get home so you don’t have to stumble in the dark to find the light switch. You can also set your lights to a timer to have them come on automatically when it gets dark outside.

11. Save Energy by Remotely Controlling Your Thermostat
If you leave your air conditioner or heater on while you are out, home automation allows you to turn them off from your smartphone. This helps you make sure you only run your HVAC system when you want to, which helps you save on energy costs. You can use you smartphone to turn your air conditioner or heater on a few minutes before you get home to make sure you come home to a comfortable temperature.

Keep these benefits in mind as you consider adding a home automation system to your home. Contact your local home security company for more information about home security automation in your area.