How You Can Use Your Security Cameras Effectively

Security systems provide a powerful defense against intruders. Statistics Canada suggests home security systems prevent break-ins, which has caused a large drop in property crime over the last several years. The added deterrence effect of your home security system can make most burglars think twice before targeting your home.

However, defenses are not invulnerable. As an analogy, famed American WWII General George S. Patton stated, in his bombastic style, “fixed fortifications are monuments to man's stupidity.” His point was that defenses alone cannot stop a determined attacker. Instead, it takes a resourceful defender who makes the most of his or her defenses to stop an intruder.

For you to ensure your home stays safe, you need to know how to use your security system effectively. In this article, we will explain how you can use your security cameras in the best ways to deter a criminal. With this advice, you can create a better security system for your home and protect yourself from danger.

Put Your First Camera at the Front Door
Burglars don’t like complicated jobs. The elaborate plans of heist movies don’t reflect the average day-to-day life of a criminal. That’s why 34% of burglars enter your home through the front door. They ring the doorbell and if no one is home, kick the door in. They then find the most valuables they can carry and get out fast.

You can prevent this through two different camera methods. First, you can place a camera right over the front door. A burglar seeing this knows that they would have a hard time successfully completing the job.

Second, you can create a virtual peephole on your front door. Before, people often just put a camera at the door and covered it in mesh wiring. Now you can actually install a camera as your peephole, allowing you to know exactly who is at the door long before you open it.

Cover Your First Floor Windows Next
Burglars favour the quick in and out job, but they also like a little secrecy. That’s why if they don’t feel like they can get in the front door, they will try a window instead. 23% of burglaries start with a first floor window, usually one less visible from the street.

You can end this threat by placing a camera either on the side of the home or the outside that denies the burglar that valued secrecy. If your camera is outside, make sure you place it out of reach or protect it. Burglars won’t hesitate to knock a camera out with a rock or a stick.

If you place the camera inside, ensure that it still has a sweeping view around the outside of your home. Criminals actively look for camera blind spots.

Place a Camera at Your Back Door
Denied other options, burglars will choose the back door for their break-ins 22% of the time. Back doors offer more secrecy and many homeowners overlook locking their back doors. If a burglar needs to force their way in, they can do so with less chance of getting caught.

With the back door, like other positions, a camera in plain view helps deter a burglar. When you buy a security system, look into the offered types of cameras. A dome camera, with black glass, shields the camera and prevents criminals from determining the camera’s blind spot.

Protect the Back Yard with Motion Detection Cameras
Even if you protect your back door, your backyard could use its own camera as well. Burglars like to prey on any unsecured property they could find outside, such as a lawn mower. This enables them to still steal something, but leave less evidence.

You can protect your backyard with a system of motion detection and infrared cameras. Motion sensitive cameras (a good idea for all your cameras actually) allow you to conserve film and focus in on possible intrusions. As well, you can hook them up with motion activated lights, which illuminate the backyard if someone enters during the night.

These cameras will spot an intruder and then activate the backyard lights. You can possibly identify potential burglars while also deterring them.

Use Smart Basement Cameras as the Last Resort
Sometimes sneaky criminals find their way in through basements. Often it’s easier to break in through window wells or basement doors. If that works, they will work their way upstairs easily looking for valuables.

You can still protect yourself in this scenario. A basement camera with a smart security system can alert you of an intrusion. Using night vision and motion detection, your camera can text you if it senses movement. You can then check the camera from a phone or computer and spot a burglar. With this system, you can call the police before the burglar can really get to work.

Your cameras provide you with protection, but you need to know how to use them in order for them to really work. Use our guide to ensure your security system works as intended. If you need more information, contact your local security expert for help.